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If you are an educator or  group leader that would like to introduce entomophagy to your students or members, we have a package for you.

Each month we will send out a limited number of free packages to qualified and motivated leaders. If you are a teacher, scout leader, a 4-H volunteer or any other motivated individual that would like to bring entomophagy to a group of people, please sign up here.

Package includes educational materials and enough cricket powder for a batch of cookies for a small class or group.


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By the year 1800 we topped one billion people. One hundred and sixty years later we topped three billion people. Currently, we have over six billion people and in the next fifty years we will approach ten billion people on our small planet. Current agriculture is not sustainable and insects are a serious solution.

Here is why edible insects are an imperative addition to our current food sources…

  • Less Fresh Water Needed 80%
  • Less Feed 85%
  • Less Arable Land Needed 90%
  • No Herbicides, Pesticides and Hormones 100%
  • Protein Compared to Beef 100%

Whether you decide to eat insects or not, it’s inevitable that your children and grandchildren will be.

Edible Insects

Edible Insects are good for us and good for the planet. Help educate the world one class at a time.
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Educational Materials

The Ambassador Package includes an educational poster and talking points along with a press release template for local media outlets.

Cricket Powder

The Ambassador Package includes a satchel with enough cricket powder to bake cookies for a small class or group.

Entomophagy Supplies

If you need more educational materials, cricket powder or edible insects, we have it.
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Entomophagy Poster

Entomophagy Poster

8.5"x11" Full Color Educational Poster

Included in your package can be an Entomophagy Educational Poster plus a link to a PDF if you would like to print more of your own.
Entomo Farms & Entosense

Entomo Farms & Entosense

Brought to you by Entomo Farms and Entosense

The free Entomophagy Ambassador Package is distributed in an effort to educate the world on the benefits of Entomophagy.
Cricket Powder Recipes

Cricket Powder Recipes

Two recipe cards that use cricket powder.

You will receive two recipe cards that use the supplied cricket powder to make banana bread or a delicious tomato soup.
Entomophagy Talking Points

Entomophagy Talking Points

Easy to use talking points

Included in your package can be an easy to follow set of talking points to help with basic facts and figures concerning Entomophagy.
Cricket Powder

Cricket Powder

A satchel of cricket powder for baking cookies

Each Entomophagy Ambassador Package includes a satchel of cricket powder with enough of the powder to make a batch of cookies for a small class or group.
Press Release

Press Release

Get some PR for your class or group

Using the supplied press release template, you can send it to local media outlets to gains some serious publicity for your class or group.

Help us Build Support for Entomophagy | Become an Entomophagy Ambassador.

Thank you for your interest in helping us show the world that Entomophagy is one solution to help end food insecurity.

To receive the package in the mail, we will need your full name and address, a phone number and email address. We will contact you by phone only if necessary. Your email address will be added to our weekly newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time after the first issue.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.

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The questions below will help us understand and enhance our program. If you choose to answer these questions, we will add additional materials to your package.

1. If you would like to receive an 8.5”x11” educational entomophagy poster at no charge, please tell us about your program and add any suggestions you think other teachers and leaders would benefit from.

2. If you would like to receive a free Insect Trading Card, please quickly tell us about your group's demographics.

3. If you would like to receive a free 1" I Ate a Bug button, try to send us some pics and quotes when you get them.


Thank you for taking the time to fill this form out. Please hit submit and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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